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Bell   Signal Controls

The Sonachron 

  • Rings bells or control electrical equipment
  • Easy-to-use programming keypad
  • 1440 program events 
  • Automatically adjusts daylight savings time
  • Battery backup during power failure
  • 10 AMP dry contact relay
  • Signal duration can be set from 1 to 99 seconds
  • Size 5 3/8" H x 9 1/2" W x 3 3/8" D
  • Weight 7 lbs
  • Model DWA-S
  • Price $425.00
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110 Volt Bells - Horns

  • Model # 906 ........... 6" Bell ........Price $75.00
  • Model # 950 ........... 4" Horn........Price $95.00
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 Signal devices and bell program clocks are used to control the start and end of shifts, coffee breaks, lunch breaks and other scheduled timing events.  Our signal timers are used by  factories, warehouses, schools, machine shops, auto body repair shops, auto repair shops and fabricators.  The easy-to-use WORK-ALERTER is a simple, single circuit program timer which lets you set and change your signal schedules on an internal keypad. Includes a built-in horn or it can be used to control a remote horn or bell.  The Sonachron Signal Control and Program Timer is ideal for schools and industry.The Sonachron is a dual-purpose, single circuit program timer, ideal for signaling horns and bells or for controlling the On/Off status of electrical devices such as HVAC or appliances. A huge asset for your building's GREEN efforts. The Sonachron is user-friendly, with a front-mounted keypad that lets you program the exact minute and weekday(s) of each event.

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